Dear Everyone, Posted By: Administrator Rating: 0
Dear Everyone, Test Posted By: Administrator Rating: 3.0
Dear Everyone, I can now post on facebook at the same time! Posted By: Administrator Rating: 5.0
Dear Everyone, Jeans casual Friday does not include Jeggings. Get it together, people. Posted By: David Rating: 5.0
Dear Everyone, Normal people walk on the right side of the sidewalk. The left side of the sidewalk is for PEOPLE WALKING IN THE OTHER DIRECTION. Thank you sincerely. Posted By: dave Rating: 5.0
Dear Everyone, Give me a dollar. I want to be a billionaire. Posted By: David Rating: 4.0
Dear Everyone, I like it when you drop change on the street. Keep doing that! Posted By: rouke Rating: 5.0
Dear Everyone, Please use this site! It's a lot of fun. I promise. Posted By: dave Rating: 1.0

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